Traditional Services

Our traditional services include: consultation with the family, arrangement and direction desired, preparation and filing of necessary notices, authorizations and consents, services and attendance prior to, during, and following the funeral including coordinating with those providing other portions of the funeral such as the cemetery or crematory.

Alternative Services

The alternative services offered by our staff can be altered to meet the needs of various financial, cultural, religious, and ethnic backgrounds. They range from direct burial, direct cremation, and memorial services, to foreign shipping and disinterments.

Specific Services & Amenities

Our professional staff is prepared to direct services in a multitude of settings including the funeral home, church, cemetery, or crematory. Specific services and amenities that our staff can provide include but are not limited to:

  • Family conference/arrangement interview
  • Co-ordination and direction of the funeral service and its participants
  • Advice and counsel on all funeral matters
  • Counseling on funeral merchandise
  • Procuring the death certificate and burial/cremation/transit permit
  • Arranging for clergy or officiant
  • Writing and placing death notice and obituary information in newspapers
  • Arrangements with pallbearers
  • Arrangements with and strict adherence to ceremonies and rituals of religious and fraternal orders
  • Supervision and attendants for visitation periods
  • Organizing funeral cortege according to family wishes
  • Personal supervision of vault closure
  • Receiving phone calls from friends and family
  • Assistance with government forms (Social Security, Veterans Administrations, Medicaid, etc.)
  • Assistance with insurance claims
  • Permanent recording of funeral for legal reference
  • In-house notary public
  • Bi-lingual staff members